For a long time it was just about email, social media and website strategies for celebrities because of the value those channels would bring to their marketing. Although, there is another channel that is delivering higher open, read and engagement outcomes. It’s text messaging!


It has become quite evident to the world now that text marketing makes your campaigns count. Using technology that has already been around but giving it a more modern app-like touch has made it easier for celebrities to scale their outreach to fans and supporters about events, product line drops, social activity and other connectors.


Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet have already started adopting it and growing their mobile number databases since 2019. For example, one of hip hop’s most renown American MC’s Sean Love Combs, also known by the stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy. He sent a tweet to text him and it received thousands of engagements.

Why Celebrities Are Texting Blog Asset 2 June 2021

Although, why have celebrities all of a sudden noticed text marketing effectiveness? Why has a trend or marketing solution that has been available in the market for finally breaching worldwide adoption? Let’s explore what our team found.


Multi-channel marketing strategy supercharger


As you may have noticed celebrities and businesses alike have really strong marketing strategies and you can tell by examining their social footprints. Celebrities furnish the full digital marketing app ecosystem using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok and more.


Why text messaging adds so much to the value of all those apps is because of the direct and immediate qualities. You can use text to control the flow of your audience. Let’s say you have something on one of your social apps that you want to direct them to instantly. You can text it to them.


Read and open rates


Which leads us to our second point, read and open rates. There just isn’t a marketing channel that comes close to the open and read rates that text messaging will give you. Text messaging gives you 90% read rates within 5 minutes on average. Plus being in the text marketing inbox for anyone is a win because unlike push notification they can actually begin a two-way conversation.

Direct messaging with the masses


Text messaging systems give you direct messaging with groups at any scale. It could be a one on one conversation or a campaign to 1 million recipients. Text marketing systems like SAM by Textmunication allow you to manage all the data and user profiles that are associated with your numbers, all in one place.


Talk To Sales


Build more personal connections


The social sentiment around texting is that it is a very personal medium. Just like you wouldn’t give out your number to anyone, you probably only want to text your favorite companies. As a business owner you can leverage this sentiment to create and build more personal connections and not generic “one size fits all” campaigns.


If you are a talent and artist management group or even a celebrity on the rise and on your way, Textmunication can offer the same benefits that you are looking for when it comes to fans, supporter, donors or patrons!


P.S. We are hearing a lot about this company called community app and our product is out of the box with more engagement features so your text marketing strategy can have more variation. You can check them out here.


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