As we turned the leaf and opened a blank page to usher in another year, we brainstormed new ideas to make text marketing more fun for you. Are you ready to create new milestones and celebrate new laurels with us? Then, try using more innovative ideas with texting and user comms.

Here’s a list of 5 new ideas to make your SMS and MMS marketing more thrilling for all the stakeholders.

How to Diversify Your SMS Marketing Content in 2024

  1. MMS and RCS

    SMS marketing has more potential beyond 164 characters. Use MMS and RCS to render better content quality for your users.

    With an MMS, you can send graphics like infographics, GIFs, memes, and images. You can even share videos. Let’s say you’re launching a new product in the next month. You can send a quick 50-second video about a couple of benefits with your users to unveil the product bit by bit.

    Here is your guide to making MMS videos right.

    RCS (rich communication service) helps you share richer content than SMS and MMS. Only it needs internet connectivity. But you can create group chats and enable 2-way comms with your users to render a better user experience.

  2. Ease at Your Fingertips

    Automation has been a buzzword for years. Rather decades. And if you haven’t integrated technology into your routine, let’s help you imbibe that routine, at least with your marketing.

    You can integrate SMS with a point-of-sale system and WhatsApp to diversify the messaging platforms.

    With SAM, Textmunication’s text marketing tool, you can automate so many things. Building your user database to sending them reminders and disclaimers, seeking opt-in consent forms to addressing their problems, you name it, and we tick it for you.

    Send automatic updates and run a chat system with pre-defined inputs and answers to your users’ queries. Using all these options, you also create more time for your marketing teams and yourself.

    Try these 5 tech trends in text marketing to adopt in 2024.

  3. Not Just Promotions

    Marketing is not always about promotions and selling services. It thrives on new ideas and fun content. You can do so much more with SMS campaigns to engage your users and remain connected with them.

    Let them know a shortcode with a keyword to raise their grievances. A lot of helpdesk activities can be automated in SMS marketing. All your users need is to send you a keyword. Once done, simple and automated text messages can solve their issues or take them further with an executive.

    Likewise, send them knowledge nuggets about your industry and brand. For instance, if you run a financial institute, help people with posts and quick tips on personal investment.

    You can share industry news and help your users stay up to date.

    In times of crisis, such as unrests and calamities or during elections, you can motivate people and share updates to help them.

  4. Tie-Ups

    Striking an alliance with micro-influencers, bloggers, small brands, and other social media personalities can benefit your business.

    For instance, if you own a food truck, connect with bloggers over social media. Pass on your shortcode and a keyword for them to promote in exchange for a BOGO offer or a free treat. With their help, you can tap on a bigger network and get more SMS subscriptions.

    Similarly, you can partner with a brand or an SMB so that they can promote your company. You can offer them special vouchers for their employees or users in return.

    Use SMS marketing to reach out to a more extensive network that’s not connected with you directly. This way, you can increase your user base while helping another business.

  5. Engagement

    User engagement is the prime need for any marketing project to succeed. But offers, birthday wishes, and season greetings aren’t the only ways to keep your audience hooked.

    You can use Scratcher to build lottery-style fun games. This new year, offer Scratch-based gifts and surprises to your users. You can even circulate a QR code-based scanning MMS to create the same kind of enthusiasm.

    Apart from being fun, these kinds of content bring in new enthusiasm. Who doesn’t like to receive surprises and free wins, after all?

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How Will You Diversify Your Text Marketing Content?

If you like the ideas we shared, let us know what clicks with you the most. And if you like all of them, allow us to lift your marketing endeavors within budget and in simple steps. Reach out to Textmunication’s textperts today and ask for a free demo or a 30-day trial.


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