Marketing’s agenda isn’t limited to promoting products or increasing sales. If you’ve not used mobile marketing with SMS to communicate with job applicants and update recruited candidates, you’re missing the best channel to engage with your future employees and job aspirants. Not only does an SMS act as a personal way of communication, but it is also impactful, quick, and easy.

Here are some tips on using text messaging in recruitment to make hiring an easy process from the first minute till it ends.

5 Best Practices for Text Marketing in Recruitment

  1. Remind Them Timely

    Incomplete profiles aren’t new in recruitment. Incorrect schedule circulation can happen due to manual errors. Missing the deadline for a recruited candidate’s information update spoils the onboarding experience for all stakeholders. Why not send reminders to the concerned parties via SMS?

    Missing information and waiting cost you not only your precious minutes but also funds invested in your own recruiting team and other resources. Not to forget the delays that are part and parcel of such circumstances. But worry not and get an SMS marketing package for the same.

    You can send interview reminders, location routes, and landmark map positions via SMSes. Remind them to update the missing profile information via a simple text and share the link to your database update process. Get last-minute information from a candidate too. Seek in-depth details post-recruitment by sharing a URL for the same.

    Make your life a breeze with simple texting.

    Read our guide to test the waters with an SMS pilot program before you buy one.

  2. Update the Progress

    Rescheduled an interview slot? Seeking something from a candidate for your database for the next round of interviews? Want to share your interview process, the Zoom link, or video call details with the job seekers?

    Of course, the candidates need these data well on time. Use SMS and inform them of the behind-the-scenes updates.

    Your candidates have limited time, and so do your recruitment teams. You don’t want your candidates to wait for weeks to know the results. Nor is it right for your interview panels to wait on a profile for days only to learn the applicant has landed in an unavoidable circumstance right on the interview day.

    To avoid all such pits you might find yourself in, keep your candidates and panels updated about the progress. Inform the job seekers after every round of interviews and shed that label of “recruiters often ghost the candidates”.

  3. Communicate: On time and Personally

    With reminders and progress updates, you can earn the trophy of “the recruiter who communicates on time”, which is rare in the recruitment industry. Text messaging in recruitment and HR can do wonders for all stakeholders.

    To be on time, you only need an SMS automation software like Textmunication’s SAM. With a texting tool, you can automate and send bulk SMSes on time and at the right time. With prioritized SMSing by the mobile service provider for businesses, you don’t need to worry about delays.

    Also, personalize your SMS. You deal with dozens of profiles for just 1 job position. And remembering names or adding the right salutation is impossible unless you’ve got the right automation tool. Using personalization, like the right link to a candidate’s profile, name, location, and skill sets, while communication is extremely important in recruitment.

    Another important rule of personalized interaction is to go simple, sweet, and short. Since an SMS has 160 characters, you can’t go wrong here. Even an MMS isn’t essay-length boring.

  4. Share Post-Recruitment Benefits

    Your candidates might have multiple job opportunities. So, you need to stay on the top of your game to keep them hooked to your offers. For this, you can send them wishes and general trivia about the company you’re recruiting for. Send them employee benefits and annual learning opportunities alongside the project prospects for them.

    As a recruiter, you can even update the recruited candidates about the early joining bonus to avoid being ghosted on the joining day. Share company culture, new policies, and latest achievements to engage with the candidates and avoid offer declines.

  5. Track and Respond After the Recruitment

    Your candidates might not be able to respond to your calls if they’re already working with a company. They may not answer your emails while working in a secured network like banking and finance, telecom, or government projects. But SMS is easy to receive and respond to in free time or during lunch hours if they can’t access the internet.

    MMS and SMS marketing and communication with automation tools make it possible for your applicants to reply to your questions discreetly.

    Tracking a candidate’s availability is equally important when you hire and map them to a critical position before the joining date. In the unfavorable scenarios of offers being declined by candidates, you can seek their feedback, share a counteroffer, or simply thank them for their time.

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