Jessica started SMS and MMS Marketing for her garment shop last quarter. She built a subscriber database from scratch and blasted several SMS and MMS messages to users weekly. She hoped for a downpour of new orders and a deluge of repeat users, knowing text marketing has an open rate of 98%.

However, her plans crashed when she saw dwindling orders. Several happy and loyal users opted out of SMS and MMS marketing. Jessica reached out to Textmunication, hoping that changing vendors might work well. We analyzed, and we delivered.

While Jessica is happy with SAM—Textmunication’s software with 25+ awesome features—she counts on the MMS marketing best practices we offered. These are the nuances we implemented in her project for marketing with MMS videos that helped her business soar.

Best Practices to Follow in MMS Marketing Videos

  1. Permission

    The subscriber database Jessica built by replicating users’ contact information from her email marketing team and CRM resulted in nearly 700 users. However, she didn’t think twice before sending MMS videos to them. This landed her with several users unsubscribing.

    Jessica didn’t know she needed explicit permission for SMS and MMS marketing even though the same users are in her CRM and have agreed to promotional emails already.

    According to the telecom guidelines, an SMS marketer must seek user consent before adding them to any marketing database. As Jessica’s text marketing partner, we shot everyone an email or a social media text seeking their permission.

    And voila! Several of her old users reverted with a Yay. We could help her add a few dozen new users from her shop floor display, website form, and social media reach.

  2. Size

    Jessica shared quite lovely videos with her audience, showing her latest collection, bestselling varieties, and products on sale. However, she failed to condense the videos to be compatible with most devices. Result? Most of her videos were blurry, took ages to download, and hogged huge bandwidth for the users.?

    We suggested she transcode her MMS videos.

    Transcoding is a common method to convert one digital content into another that suits the target device. For instance, when you make videos from a high-resolution video recording device, the files might be in MBs with high resolution and bright colors. But in the case of MMS marketing, target devices might not render these videos smoothly due to limited colors and resolution.

    You’ve to transcode your content on the fly. Limit your video clippings between 10 MB and 20 MB so that transcoded videos fall under 300 KB and 1.5 MB when the recipients receive them. When sending videos without the transcoding facility, you can share files up to 740 KB.

  3. Quality and Preview

    When sending videos in landscape or horizontal format, prefer 1280px by 720px. On the other hand, maintain somewhere around 640px by 1138px for portrait or vertical formats. Also, keep the source file format to .mp4 for best results.

    Video previews are vital to make users click that play button. So, keep the video frame beautiful and clear at the start from 0:00 to 0:01 sec. Also, maintain the same at the 15th second. Take care of the same for shorter videos between the 6th and 7th seconds.

  4. Length

    If you’re sending HD-quality video, which is highly preferred, keep the duration under 20 seconds. If deliverability is your priority over resolution, you can keep the length to 30 seconds. Videos over these durations will have slightly distorted quality according to the network carrier and the receiver’s device.

    Jessica created videos with lengths under 25 seconds when she wanted to mass-market her best-selling collection. But when she wanted to highlight the texture of the fabric and designs for zippers, buttons, pockets, and prints, she opted for HD quality. This helped users visualize the patterns.

    Also, read 7 best practices in SMS marketing.

  5. Content

    Jessica’s videos were missing the mark by just a few bits. We suggested a few tweaks and tricks to ace the MMS video marketing game.

    She added audio with most of her videos in human voices rather than popular music. Yes, music is always enticing. But humans connect with real voices more.

    We used slower movements in videos rather than being haphazard with the content to cover many points in a jiffy. Keep your focus on just one topic. Instead of introducing all kinds of pants, Jessica introduced only denim in all the available colors. She narrowed the focus, and the engagement widened.

    Keep frame rate between 24 and 30 FPS for balanced file size.

    A user’s telecom carrier might affect how they see the video. Videos that are too bulky might suffer tremendously, flushing your content down the drain. So, test with several formats and opt for the few that suit most devices and carriers.

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Make Marketing with MMS Videos Fruitful Today

Jessica grew the user engagement for her business by following our MMS marketing best practices. If you also want to get such benefits, don’t hesitate. Reach out to Textmunication’s team of experts today.


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