SMS Marketing Benefits for the Gaming Industry

Nowadays, SMS has become the most common form of communication for people across the globe. The response rate of SMS is much more than emails, thereby providing businesses the ideal marketing tools. With the ever growing popularity of SMS marketing, it has become a great channel for gambling, betting, and lotteries. Extremely popular games and […]

  • Date: August 28, 2017
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Effective Ways Domino’s Uses SMS Marketing For Driving Sales

Promising quick response rates and enhanced customer engagement, SMS marketing is significantly helping the food industry drive sales. Customers tend to use their mobile phones for finding the nearest restaurants, getting directions, ordering food, booking tables, browsing menus and checking reviews. Text marketing can considerably help you make your restaurant the favorite among customers! In […]

  • Date: August 23, 2017
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Effective SMS Marketing Strategy For Pizza Shops

Text messages provide a considerable return on your investment. Why spend thousands of dollars on your promotional campaigns when you can get great results from much less investment? Textmunication, a leading SMS marketing company, caters its SMS marketing platform to hundreds of pizza shops all across the United States. How to devise a great text […]

  • Date: August 14, 2017
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10 Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you want to know how SMS marketing can help your business, we can help you. In this blog, learn more about the ten essential benefits of text communication and why you need to think about integrating SMS into your marketing strategy seriously. 1.     Flexible Medium Why send thousands of SMS messages to your entire […]

  • Date: August 3, 2017
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