Holidays are a time of celebration, gifting, and splurging. If you haven’t banked on these aspects of the Christmas and New Year to engage your users, don’t wait. Read how to make the best of your holiday greetings and market your products or grow your business.

Today, Textmunication shares 10 SMS marketing ideas for holidays. And a bonus in the end that is our favorite.

SMS and MMS Marketing Ideas for Holiday Campaigns

  1. Messaging for All Funnel Levels

    Nudge users at all buying stages with your holiday greetings and float your brand in their minds.

    Send a first-time purchase discount coupon to the new subscribers. Offer loyal and active users a reward for the ongoing relationship, and make the best use of your holiday greetings.

    Try to re-target customers that haven’t visited your retail or online store with products similar to what they may have bought before. Share their reviews with them. Move them from the passive state to an active shopping spree. Do the same to your churned customers and tell them how much you miss them being around.

  2. Card Abandonment Reminder

    Don’t let the holiday season slip by with products piling into users’ carts. Circulate reminders to the users whose shopping basket is growing but are miles away from the payment button.

    Holidays are gifting and pampering seasons. Use this aspect to your benefit and remind them how their loved ones will appreciate a thoughtful gift. Customize your offers to encourage the shoppers. Encourage them to click that payment button with an additional benefit.

  3. Price Slash Message

    What is nicer than a holiday greeting with reduced prices of users’ favorite products?

    Offer your audience a reason to buy more with irresistible vouchers and BOGO offers. You can club products that are bought together often and are fast-selling items.

  4. Reference Campaigns

    References amazingly work if they come from loyal customers and premium users.

    Seek names from your user database who recently bought your products or services. Thank them for keeping your brand in their minds. Ask them to refer to their friends and family.

    Read how to grow your user database.

  5. In-Store Invitation

    <.p> Some users want to touch, feel, and test products before buying. From your subscriber list, find out who likes to visit your store. Send them exclusive in-store deals they can’t ignore, and welcome more users walking into your shop.

  6. Holiday Message

    This is a no-brainer. Craft a holiday message smartly and let your users know you’re thinking about them. And offer tempting discounts like buy-one-get-one-free or get-yearly-membership-free on a particular shopping amount during holidays.

    You can even chuck the salesy part and introduce your product’s features, one benefit at a ping.

    If you want to boost your marketing game with AI, read how to couple ChatGPT And SMS Marketing.

  7. Limited-Time Offer

    Holidays are about spending money on the right things smartly. Why not run limited-time deals on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve for last-minute shoppers?

    You can even offer a bumper prize to one of the lucky last-moment purchases. This might increase your chances of making more money.

  8. Holiday Gifting Guide

    Not all messaging is about selling your brand. Make your users’ time worth spending on your brand. Curate a holiday gift ideas list and share the PDF on RCS or as an SMS link.

    Gifting is an inevitable part of holidays. You will help your audience make hard decisions faster this way. And they will thank you for such ideas.

  9. Survey Opportunity

    There’s no better way to improve your offerings than asking for feedback from users.

    Send your audience a thank you note for their recent purchase and ask if they would be interested in answering one question. Don’t seek a lot of thoughts on SMS because holidays keep people busy. If your users answer affirmatively, send them one question you are eager to learn about.

    For longer surveys, share a link after the holidays. Read how to get direct responses from users.

  10. Festive Fun Trivia

    If you want to innovate your holiday campaigns without being salesy, create messages that walk them down the memory lane of origins. For instance, if you run car cleaning services, send an SMS like:

    Dear XYZ, do you know the story behind your car’s brand? Click on the link below and flaunt your knowledge at your house party.

    You can also send content with fun facts about your brand or product.

Bonus: Retention Beyond Holidays

Business doesn’t stop after holidays and your users are too busy to find time to shop for something that doesn’t fit their gifting choices. If your product is not a likely gift, extend your slashed price or tempting offer for 3 (or more) extra days after the holiday season ends.

Send them a reminder on the last day or a day before your offer ends.

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What Are Your Favorite Holiday Marketing Campaigns?

If you like some of our holiday SMS ideas and want to try them, don’t hesitate. Reach out to us here and unlock exclusive and customized deals for the next 3 weeks without any hidden conditions. We assure you a grand marketing success with our text marketing software and industry-wide experience.


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