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Real Estate

Real Estate

The Reed family is looking for a house to meet the needs of their growing family. They need a house with just the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and space. They also want to be close to the city where Mr. Reed works. When they came to you a month ago, no houses like that were available. This month, you’re selling a house that you believe will fit their needs. They receive a text with all the information, come see it, and make an offer instead of bidding on another house. Good thing you had text marketing through Textmunication to inform them of the new FOR SALE sign.

Information is vital to the housing market no matter where the market is located. You have the information your customers need. Textmunication’s text marketing can be a fast, efficient, and simple way of making sure they have that information. Using SMS marketing you can update a targeted list of potential buyers on the status of houses in their area. Text services can also allow new buyers to search houses instantly by number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, neighborhood information, etc. Stay up to date with clients with friendly alerts, home purchase anniversary messages, etc.

Textmunication can help you meet the needs of clients in a very efficient manner. This way, when their friends or family ask about a good realtor, your name will be the first to stand out.

  • Get instant information to potential clients about listings anytime THEY want 24/7.
  • Create a keyword for each listing to generate hot leads for that property. Instantly send key information back to these prospects when they text in: # of beds and baths /Square Footage/ listing price / neighborhood information etc.
  • Generate a targeted list of buyers that you can send new property alerts to when new properties come on to the market.
  • Stay in contact with your existing clients with friendly alerts, home purchase anniversary messages, and any other reason to keep in touch. Helps to keep you in the front of their mind when asked “Do you know a good realtor?”
  • Save time, save money, and streamline your lead generation and “Hot Prospect” contact and follow up!

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